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An exceptionally effective surface coating...

Sherardizing was invented at the beginning of the century, by a metallurgist named Sherard Cowper-Coles. Since, its effectiveness and ist range of applications have not ceased to develop.

Sherardizing is a very reliable and versatile means of coating steel surfaces and therefore giving high protection against corrosion and abrasion.

The components are heatd in the presence of zinc dust. The process is normally carried out in a slowly rotating closed container at temperatures ranging from 320 - 500C.

Several after treatments may be realised...

Chrome passivation with a grey finish,
An organic-mineral finish, black,
A lubricated finish.

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Malleable grey iron and cast iron, carbon steels, low alloy and sintered steels are all suitable for sherardizing.

Sherardized Coating forms two layers of zinc-iron alloy, a diffused gamma layer wich contains 21 to 28% of iron and a compact delta layer wich contains 8 to 10%.

The metallic layers on sherardized components.

  Delta layer of alloy iron/zinc

Zn # 93%

Approx. 25
  Gamma layer Approx. 15
  Pure or cast iron

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