The company LRD-TS is a french company based in Magnac-Bourg, in the Haute Vienne region of France.
50 years in hot-dip galvanising of small parts and sherardising.

With more than 50 years of experience, LRD-TS processes more than 1,200 tons of hot-dip galvanized steel and 300 tons of sherardized steel per year.

Our story

Founded in 1964, PLASTIFORM’S specialises in the processing of foamed plastic for thermal insulation, soundproofing and waterproofing.

1983 : The company acquired a centrifuge hot-dip galvanising system for in-house treatment of construction fastening components manufactured within the group.

1993 : Mr. Raymond Lebraut, the group’s CEO, acquired a sherardising line, for another anti-corrosion process for applying zinc via thermal diffusion on metal parts used in addition to hot-dip galvanising.

1999 : the hot-dip galvanising and sherardising unit was moved to LRD, a company founded in 1989 that cuts metal parts for the construction industry on behalf of the ETANCO group.

Today, the company works as a subcontractor in various sectors of activity such as construction and public works, marine, railways and automotive, for the protection of building elements, scaffolding parts, chains, threaded elements, reinforcements for rubber overmoulding, etc.

Economic Interest Grouping (EIG)

LRD-TS is part of an economic interest grouping called TEGMA, which groups together companies in the Surface Treatment sector.

TEGMA is a privileged interlocutor in the field of subcontracting in coatings and surface treatments that can provide a technical solution and a choice of treatments.

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