Hot-dip galvanising involves submerging steel parts into a molten zinc bath to produce a protective coating over the steel, by an exceptional longevity.
The zinc coating is not merely deposited zinc, it is metallurgically bonded to the base steel through a metal diffusion reaction that occurs between the iron and zinc.

Centrifuging takes place immediately after removal from the bath, and the deposited thickness is from 50 to 90 µm.

LRD-TS mainly uses spinning for this treatment, in order to treat small parts.


  • Exceptional maintenance-free service life
  • Full protection of the parts
  • Dual electrochemical and physical protection
  • The iron-zinc layer provides exceptional corrosion and abrasion resistance with good adhesion
  • Unobstructed holes and drip-free parts
  • The reliability of an industrial process complying with the NF EN 1461 standard
  • A very cost-effective process
  • Shiny parts
  • Functional threads after treatment

Reminder : Hot-dip galvanizing process


  • Fittings for buildings
  • Lag screws & threaded fasteners
  • Nuts and bolts, construction, railway, etc.